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Lilliput Q31 - 31.5" 12G-SDI, the best professional broadcast studio monitor

Posted on09/19/2023 by

Model: Q31
Display: 31.5inch, 3840 x 2160, 350nits
Input: 12G-SDI, 12-SFP, HDMI 2.0
Output: 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0
Remote Control: RS422, GPI, LAN
Feature: Quad View, 3D-LUT, HDR, Gammas, Remote Control, Audio vector, Camera Auxiliary Functions.  

Introducing the Lilliput Q31: Revolutionizing Visual Production

The Lilliput Q31 is a groundbreaking studio monitor tailored for photographers, videographers, and cinematographers. It's a technological marvel that redefines your creative experience.

Think of the Lilliput Q31 as a versatile Swiss army knife of display technology. It seamlessly blends innovation with practicality, promising to transform professional visual production.

This monitor offers extensive compatibility, featuring a 12G SDI and 12G-SFP Fiber Optic input connection for broadcast-quality monitoring. It's a commitment to delivering exceptional visual clarity.

The Q31 introduces an innovative Audio Vectoring system, visualizing stereo recording nuances with a Lissajous graph shape. It's a tool that enhances depth and balance analysis, unlocking creative potential.

Furthermore, the Q31 seamlessly integrates with computers, enabling control through dedicated applications, bridging creativity and technology.

Technical specifications include a 31.5-inch display with support for 12G-SDI and 4K HDMI signals. Multiple input and output interfaces ensure adaptability to various resolutions and formats.

A standout feature is the 12G SFP+ interface, allowing seamless 12G-SDI signal transmission via SFP optical modules, perfect for the broadcast field.

Color accuracy is paramount. The Q31 undergoes meticulous color calibration, supported by ColourSpace CMS by Light Illusion, ensuring true-to-life visuals.

For intuitive control, the Q31 offers a remote control application and synchronization of multiple monitors through RS422 interfaces.

You have precise control over brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, sharpness, backlight, and color temperature, preserving your creative vision.

Switching between signal sources is effortless, simplifying complex menu navigation.

Audio enthusiasts benefit from the Q31's ability to control any audio channel with level meters and an audio vector, captivating both eyes and ears.

Features like waveform and histogram displays enrich the monitoring experience, while UMD (Tally) control customizes visual elements.

Quad-Split Multiview mode allows easy input signal selection and image differentiation with colorful borders, enhancing clarity.

Photographers and cinematographers have access to auxiliary functions like peaking, false color, and audio level meter for precise adjustments.

User-definable buttons and an intuitive dial offer customization options for functions like sharpness, saturation, tint, and volume.

In conclusion, the Lilliput Q31 isn't just a studio monitor; it's a testament to innovation and creativity. With comprehensive features and unrivaled connectivity, it empowers visual production professionals. It's a bridge between technology and art, heralding limitless possibilities. Elevate your storytelling with the Lilliput Q31, where complexity and diversity redefine your creative journey.

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