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Company profile


LILLIPUT is a globalized OEM & ODM services provider with its headquarters and manufacturing base located in Zhangzhou, China. The company has also established overseas branch offices in the USA, UK, Hong Kong, and Canada. With over 26 years of experience in the electronic industry, LILLIPUT has developed competence in various fields, such as LCD display technology, international trading, embedded computer technology, and electronic test & measurement industry. The company employs more than 300 people and has an annual revenue of 95% from overseas markets. Its product portfolio includes embedded computer platforms, mobile data terminals, test instruments, home automation devices, camera & broadcasting monitors, touch VGA/HDMI monitors for industrial applications, USB monitors, marine, medical monitors, and other special LCD displays. LILLIPUT offers professional OEM & ODM services, including full-line R&D technical services and cost-effective manufacturing services.

Our Team

Team Lilliput

LILLIPUT's strong focus on innovation and technology orientation is reflected in their commitment to reinvesting a significant portion of their profits into research and development. With a team of over 50 engineers, LILLIPUT is able to offer a full spectrum of R&D services, including circuit and PCB design, IC programming, firmware design, industrial design, process design, system integration, software and HMI design, and prototype testing and verification.
Their R&D competitive advantages include a full-service spectrum, competitive design and manufacturing costs, solid and complete technology platforms, unique and outstanding talent, abundant external resources, expedited R&D lead time, and flexible order volume. With these strengths, LILLIPUT is well-positioned to provide customers with a wide range of new products and customized solutions to meet their specific needs.

Core Technologies


It's impressive to see the range of products that LILLIPUT has developed over the years. The company's core technologies also seem to be quite diverse, covering video and image processing, LCD displays, FPGA, ARM, digital signal processing, high-frequency circuit design, embedded computer systems, GPS navigation, sonar systems, and digital multimedia entertainment. This broad range of expertise suggests that LILLIPUT has a deep understanding of a variety of technologies, which is likely to be beneficial when developing new products or providing customized solutions for its clients.

Lilliput History


2019 — Xilinx Zynq platform is applied to realize high frequency 12G-SDI signal generator.

2018 —Portable video switcher integrated switching, record, multiview and multi-interface technology.

2017 — 4K & 12G-SDI video processing & analysis in Pro broadcasting industry.

2016 — Signal conversion, extension, switching based on FPGA platform.

2013 — HDBaseT for uncompressed audio / video transmission via network cable.

2011 — Released the LED Field Monitor for DSLR camera & Broadcasting devices. Engaged in FPGA Image Processing technology.

2010 — Released the Radar Fish / Depth Finder with Sonar technology. Embedded PC based on WinCE/Linux/Android for industrial fields.

2009 — Zhangzhou Lilliput electronic Co., Ltd. move to New Plant. USB monitor powered and signal transferred by one USB cable Only.

2006 — Set up China local branch in Xiamen - LILLIPUT Technology Co., Ltd. Set up Canada branch & UK branch.

2005 — Fujian Lilliput electronic was founded (oscilloscope "OWON"). Set up Hong Kong branch - LILLIPUT Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

2003 — Released touch VGA monitor. Moved into the new head office building "LILLIPUT Optoelectronics Mansion".

2002 — Set up USA branch - LILLIPUT (USA) Electronics Inc.

2000 — Set up the R&D center - LILLIPUT Optoelectronics Technology Institute - focusing on the R&D of Embedded Computer and related "Peripheral Technologies". Changed Company name to "LILLIPUT Electronics Technology Co., Ltd".

1995 — Started focusing on LCD display technology and becoming the precursor in Chinese Mini LCD industry; launched the product line of mini LCD monitors under the brand name "LILLIPUT".

1993 — "GOLDEN SUN Electronic" - the predecessor of LILLIPUT - was founded.



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