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Providing 1.8"-31" monitors to meet the different needs for consumer and professional fields application.
Offering customization services to design and manufacture Smart Mobile Data Terminal to satisfy the demands of industries.

Wireless Monitors

Model No.: 664/W
Lilliput 664/W Multiple power support, makes outdoor photography more convenient and practical. No “blue screen” problem when the signal gets weak, from 100 to 2000 meters wireless distance. Sunlight readable with...
Model No.: 339/W
Lilliput 339/W  Specific Monitor by LILLIPUT for Flying Camera System. Application for Aerial & Outdoor Photography. Strongly recommend for aerial enthusiast & professional photographer. Model:...
Model No.: 665/WH
The Lilliput 665/P/WH is a 7″ wireless HDMI Monitor with WHDI, HDMI, YPbPr, component video, peaking functions, focus assistance and sun hood. Optimised for for DSLR & Full HD Camcorder. Model: 665/WHPhysical...
Model No.: 329/DW
Specific Monitor by Lilliput 329/DW for Flying Camera System. Application for Aerial & Outdoor Photography. Strongly recommend for aerial enthusiast & professional photographer. Model: 329/DWPhysical...
Model No.: WS-500
Lilliput WS500 Wireless Video Transmission 500ft Low latency 80ms support 3G SDI HDMI HD Transmitter for DSLR Camera Monitor HDMI /SDI wireless transmission Low latency 80ms Transmission range 1600ft 1...

The Wireless Monitors category offers cutting-edge displays with cable-free connectivity, providing users with the freedom to connect their devices seamlessly. These monitors use wireless technologies like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing for flexible placement and enhanced mobility.

Key features of Wireless Monitors include:
1. Cable-Free Connectivity: Wireless Monitors eliminate the need for video cables, providing a clutter-free and convenient setup.
2. Versatility: Users can connect laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices wirelessly, enabling flexible usage scenarios.
3. Mobility: Wireless Monitors are lightweight and portable, allowing users to move them easily between rooms or workspaces.
4. Multiple Device Connection: Many models support multiple device connections simultaneously, enabling easy screen sharing and collaboration.
5. High-Quality Display: Despite being wireless, these monitors offer high-resolution and vibrant displays for an enjoyable visual experience.
6. User-Friendly Setup: Connecting devices to Wireless Monitors is simple and straightforward, making them accessible to users of all skill levels.
7. Ideal for Presentations: Wireless Monitors are perfect for business presentations, allowing presenters to move freely and interact with their audience.
8. Gaming and Entertainment: These monitors provide a seamless gaming and entertainment experience, free from cable restrictions.

The Wireless Monitor category caters to users seeking flexibility, mobility, and convenience in their screen connectivity. Whether for work or entertainment, these monitors offer a wire-free solution to enhance productivity and enjoyment.

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