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Providing 1.8"-31" monitors to meet the different needs for consumer and professional fields application.
Offering customization services to design and manufacture Smart Mobile Data Terminal to satisfy the demands of industries.

USB Monitors

Model No.: UM-70/C/T
Lilliput UM-70/C/T Only one USB cable is required for signal and power supply. Model: UM-70/C/TTouch panel: 4-Wire ResistiveDisplay: 7 inch, 800 × 480, 250nitInterface: USB
Model No.: UM-72/C/T
Lilliput UM-72/C/T is a resistive touch monitor with USB powered. Touch is for optional. Only one cable can do it all, including power, touch, and data tranmission. With 2 built-in speakers, this USB powered touch...
Model No.: UM-80/C/T
Lilliput UM-80/C/T This is an excellent tool for your business and personal usage at anywhere anytime.You don’t need traditional power cord and VGA cables.That’s One USB cable does it all! Innovation USB-only...
Model No.: UM-82/C/T
Lilliput UM-82/C/T use a USB interface combine Charging, Touch and Input.UM-82/C/T has thousands of useful and fun applications: keep your main display clutter free, park your Instant Messaging windows, keep your...
Model No.: UM-900/C/T
Lilliput UM-900/C/T Providing additional images for the limitation of single screen size, as well as enhancing the entertainment sensory experience at anytime and anywhere. Model: UM-900/C/TTouch panel: 4-wire...
Model No.: UM-1010/C/T
Lilliput UM-1010/C/T Award-winning design that combines flexible, multipurpose uses with improved durability, and great looks…this is our most affordable USB-driven touchscreen and the lowest-cost touchscreen monitor...
Model No.: UM-1012/C/T
Lilliput UM-1012/C/T is a LCD Industrial Display manufacturers to introduce a 10.1″ Touchscreen LCD Industrial grade touch screen with a USB display interface (works with Windows and Mac OS) and built-in scaler. Only...
Model No.: UMTC-1400
Lilliput UMTC-1400 - 14 inch full HD portable monitor for display expansion. Whether it’s for gaming entertainment or working out, it can be used to present a better quality and fuller picture, the gaming experience...

The USB Monitors category comprises portable and versatile displays that can be powered and connected via USB, providing a convenient solution for extending screen real estate. These monitors offer a secondary screen option, enhancing productivity for on-the-go users, travelers, and professionals.

Key features of USB Monitors include:
1. Portability: USB Monitors are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and set up wherever you go.
2. Plug-and-Play: With simple USB connectivity, these monitors eliminate the need for additional power cords or video cables, ensuring quick and hassle-free setup.
3. Versatility: They serve as ideal secondary screens for laptops, offering additional workspace for multitasking, presentations, gaming, and entertainment.
4. High-Quality Display: Despite their portable size, USB Monitors often provide high-resolution displays, ensuring clear and crisp visuals.
5. Energy Efficiency: Many USB Monitors are designed to be energy-efficient, drawing power directly from the USB connection, making them eco-friendly and cost-effective.
6. Adjustable Stands: Some models come with adjustable stands or built-in kickstands, allowing users to customize their viewing angles for added comfort.
7. Compatible with Various Devices: USB Monitors are compatible with a wide range of devices, including laptops, desktops, and some mobile devices, offering flexibility in usage.
8. Travel-Friendly: Their portability and ease of use make USB Monitors perfect companions for business travelers, digital nomads, and professionals on the move.

In the USB Monitor category, users can find practical solutions for expanding their digital workspace, boosting productivity, and enjoying entertainment while staying mobile and efficient.

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