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Lilliput UM-1012/C/T - 10.1 inch USB Monitor

Lilliput UM-1012/C/T is a LCD Industrial Display manufacturers to introduce a 10.1″ Touchscreen LCD Industrial grade touch screen with a USB display interface (works with Windows and Mac OS) and built-in scaler. Only one single USB connection is required to provide power to the 7″ display monitor and to provide display and touchscreen interface with the PC. The 10.1″ industrial grade display unit incorporates our latest LED backlight technology for increased brightness and has an ambient light sensor which dims the backlight automatically when required. In addition, Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors are used though out the unit for improved stability and durability especially in extreme temperature conditions.

Model: UM-1012/C/T
Touch panel: 4-wire resistive (5-wire for optional)
Display: 10.1 inch, 1024 × 600, 250nit
Interface: USB

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Model No.:
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Note: The Lilliput UM-1012/C without touch function,

         The Lilliput UM-1012/C/T with touch function.

One cable does it all! Innovation USB-only connection-add monitors without adding clutter!

How to use it? 

  • Installing Monitor Driver (AutoRun);
  • Click on display setting icon on system tray and see the menu;
  • Setup menu for Screen Resolution, Colors, Rotation and Extension, etc.
  • Monitor Driver supports OS: Windows 2000 / Windows XP (32bit銆 64bit) / Windows Vista (32bit銆 64bit)/ Windows7(32bit銆 64bit) / Mac OS X

What can you do with it? UM-1012/C/T has thousands of useful and fun applications: keep your main display clutter free, park your Instant Messaging windows, keep your application palettes on it, use it as a digital picture frame, as a dedicated stock ticker display, put your gaming maps on it.
UM-1012/C/T is great for use with a small laptop or netbook because of its light weight and single USB connection, it can travel with your laptop, no power brick needed!

General Productivity Outlook/Mail, Calendar or Address Book applications up all the time View Widgets for To-do’s, Weather, Stock Tickers, Dictionary, Thesaurus, etc. 
Track System Performance, Monitor Network Traffic, CPU cycles;

Entertainment Have your media player up to control entertainment Quick access to important toolboxes for online gaming Use it as a secondary display for computers hooked up to TVs Run a 2nd or 3rd display without the need for a new graphics card;

Social SKYPE/Google/MSN Chat while using other full screen applications Watch for Friends on Facebook and MySpace Keep your Twitter Client up all the time but off your main work screen;

Creative Park your Adobe Creative Suite application toolbars or controls Powerpoint: keep your formatting palettes, colors, etc. on a separate screen;

Business (Retail, Healthcare, Finance) Integrate into point-of-purchase or point-of-registration process.  Cost-effective method to have multiple consumers/customers register, enter information, and authenticate.   Use one computer for multiple users (with virtualization software – not included);

Shopping Monitor online auctions

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Data sheet

Touch Screen
4-wire resistive (5-wire for optional)
Display Size
Aspect ratio
Viewing Angle
Video Input USB
Audio In/Out Built-in Speakers
Operating power
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature

Specific References

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