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Installed Monitor Lilliput FA1016/C/T in security system

Posted on05/19/2023 by

Lilliput FA1016/C/T - 10.1 inch full HD capacitive touch montior

Touch panel: 10 point capacitive
Display: 10.1 inch, 1920×1200, 320nit
Interfaces: 4K-HDMI 1.4, VGA
Feature: G+G technology, Integrated dustproof front panel

Lilliput monitors are manufactured using high-quality components that have undergone testing and verification both as individual parts and as finished products. Lilliput monitors are known for their undeniable reliability, efficiency, and unparalleled appearance, which is why they are used in various spheres of human activity, including manufacturing, customer service, servicing and managing specialized equipment, as well as in the daily lives of ordinary people.

Recently, we received feedback from one of our retail customers who installed the FA1016/C/T 10-inch monitor as part of a video surveillance system around their house. The monitor serves to display real-time camera feeds and functions as a control panel for the recorder, thanks to the touchscreen feature. The recorder continuously captures video from the cameras. The customer kindly provided us with photos of their project.

Lilliput 1016

The equipment is installed in a wall-mounted cabinet where all the electrical communications of the house are located. The Lilliput monitor powers on when the cabinet door is opened, thus conserving energy when not in use.


The Lilliput FA1016/C/T monitor boasts an excellent screen resolution of 1920*1200 and impressive viewing angles of 175°/175° (H/V), delivering high-quality imagery. The connection between the recorder and the monitor is established using the included HDMI cable, ensuring lossless transmission of the image without distortions.

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