664_7 inch on camera monitor
The 664 is a premium camcorder screen designed for handheld stabilizers and microfilm production, weighing just 365g, featuring a 7″ 1920×800 Full HD native resolution screen and a wide 178° viewing angle, giving you Gives photographers a good viewing experience. For advanced camera accessibility, all software and equipment are professionally tested and calibrated to meet relevant industry standards. At the same time, you get a more vivid image no matter where you are, perfect for sharing DSLR images with your entire team.

Physical Resolution:1280×800, support up to 1920×1080
Input:HDMI ,AV


The Lilliput 664 monitor is a 7 inch 16:10 LED field monitor with HDMI, Composite video and collapsible sun hood. Optimised for DSLR cameras.

Note: 664 (with HDMI input)
664/O (with HDMI input & output)

7-inch monitor, widescreen aspect ratio
With a 1280×800 resolution, 7-inch IPS panel, the Lilliput 664 display is the perfect match for DSLR use, and is the ideal size to fit neatly into a camera bag.

Optimized for DSLR cameras
The compact size is the perfect complement to your DSLR’s capabilities.

Flip-up visor converts to screen protector
Customers often ask Lilliput how to prevent LCD monitor screen from scratches, especially during shipping. In response, Lilliput designed the 663’s smart screen protector that folds up into a sun hat. This solution provides LCD protection and saves space in customers’ camera bags.

HDMI video output – no annoying splitters
Most SLR cameras only have one HDMI video output, so customers must purchase expensive and bulky HDMI splitters to connect multiple monitors to the camera. But that is not the case with the Lilliput 664 monitor.

The 664/O includes an HDMI output, allowing customers to copy video content to a second monitor without the need for cumbersome HDMI splitters. The second screen can be any size and image quality will not be compromised. Please note: This feature is only available when purchased directly from Lilliput.

high resolution
The intelligent HD scaling technology that Lilliput uses in the 668GL works wonders for our customers. But some clients require a higher physical resolution. The Lilliput 664 monitor features the latest IPS LED-backlit display with a 25% increase in physical resolution. This provides a higher level of image detail and accuracy.

high contrast
The Lilliput 664 monitor’s ultra-high contrast LCD screen offers professional video users even more innovation. The 800:1 contrast ratio produces colors that are vivid, rich and most importantly accurate.

wide viewing angle
The 664 has an impressive 178-degree angle of view both vertically and horizontally, giving you the same sharp image no matter where you are, perfect for sharing DSLR images with your entire team.

Additional information


Size: 7″ LED backlit
Resolution: 1280×800, support up to 1920×1080
Brightness: 400cd/m²
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Contrast: 800:1
Viewing Angle: 178°/178°(H/V)


AV: 1




Speaker: 1(bulit-in)
Ear Phone Slot: 1


Current: 960mA
Input Voltage: DC 7-24V
Power Consumption: ≤12W
Battery Plate: V-mount / Anton Bauer mount /
F970 / QM91D / DU21 / LP-E6


Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃
Storage Temperature: -30℃~70℃


Dimension(LWD): 184.5x131x23mm
Weight: 365g




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