569_5 inch HDMI camera top monitor

569 is a superior portable camera screen specially designed for handheld stabilizers and microfilm production. It features a weight of only 316g and a resolution of 5″ 800*400. It has good image quality and good color subtraction effect. The camera’s advanced auxiliary functions, such as peaking filter and false color, have been tested and corrected by professional teams, and the parameters are accurate and meet industry standards.

Physical Resolution:800×480, support up to 1920×1080
Viewing Angle:150°/130°(H/V)


The Lilliput 569 is a 5 inch 16:9 LED field monitor with HDMI, component video and sun hood. Optimised for DSLR cameras.

Note: 569 (with HDMI input)
569/O (with HDMI input & output)

5-inch screen, widescreen aspect ratio

The 569 is Lilliput’s compact 5-inch screen. The high-resolution 5-inch LCD screen displays crisp images on a small, lightweight screen, ideal for customers looking for an external monitor that doesn’t drag on.

Optimized for DSLR cameras
The 569 is the perfect live monitor. Compared to the built-in LCD screens of most DSLRs, this 5-inch screen offers more screen real estate and has some of the highest specs on a Lilliput screen. It will soon become a good friend for many SLR camera users!

HDMI video output – no need for annoying splitters
Most SLR cameras have only one HDMI video input, so customers need to buy expensive and bulky HDMI splitters to connect multiple monitors to the camera.

The 569/O includes an HDMI output, allowing customers to copy video content to a second screen without the need for annoying HDMI splitters. The second screen can be any size and the image quality will not be affected.

High resolution 800 × 480
Compressing 384,000 pixels on a 5-inch LCD panel produces a crisp image. When all the details you see on a 1080p screen are in 1080p, you can see all the details on the screen.

High contrast 600:1
The 569 may be our smallest HDMI monitor, but thanks to improved LED backlight technology, it has the highest contrast ratio of any Lilliput monitor. With improved color performance, SLR users can be happy to see what they see on screen is what they see in post-production.

Enhanced brightness for excellent outdoor performance
At 400 CdS/m2, the 569 produces a clear backlight. By using 569/P in sunlight, your video content won’t be “washed out” by the brighter LCD screen. The included sun visor also provides better outdoor performance.

Wide viewing angle
With an amazing 150-degree viewing angle, you can see the same vivid image no matter where you are.

including battery plate
Similar to the 667, the 569 includes two battery boards compatible with f970, lp-e6, du21 and qm91d batteries. Lilliput is also available with an external battery, which can last up to 6 hours of continuous use on the 569, making it ideal for mounting on DSLR equipment.

HDMI, and component and composite via BNC connectors
No matter what camera or AV equipment our 569 customers use, there is a suitable video input for every application.

Most DSLRs have HDMI outputs, but larger DSLRs output traditional composite and HD components via the BNC connector.

Additional information


Size: 5″ LED backlit
Resolution: 800×480, support up to 1920×1080
Brightness: 400cd/m²
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Contrast: 600:1
Viewing Angle: 150°/130°(H/V)


Addio: 1
Video: 1(optional)
YPbPr: 1(optional)


Video: 1


Speaker: 1(bulit-in)
Ear Phone Slot: 1


Current: 450mA
Input Voltage: DC 6-24V
Power Consumption: ≤6W
Battery Plate: F970 / QM91D / DU21 / LP-E6


Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃
Storage Temperature: -30℃~70℃


Dimension(LWD): 151x116x39.5/98.1mm(with cover)
Weight: 316g/386g(with cover)




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