Application & Solution

Lilliput mobile data terminals (MDT) help you do your work more efficiently by replacing spreadsheets and paper. Utilize the tools and information available to your fleet managers, drivers, technicians, parts managers, and other personnel to optimize it. With an Android, Linux, WinCE or Windows OS, as well as additional functions such as 3G/4G, CAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, GPS, ACC, POE and more, the LIlLiput Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) can be customized in many ways. So the rugged tablet PC can be put to use in taxis, buses, cars, vans, specialty vehicles (such as agricultural, mining and engineering vehicles) truck, forklift, trailer, excavators, etc…


Lillipute all in one industrial panel PC features brilliant resolution, durable display and waterproof case, which is capable of operating reliably in harsh environments such as harsh outdoor and industrial environments, as well as shock, dust, extreme temperature variations, moisture, and moisture exposure. Their high level of customization, durability, and reliability make them highly appealing.

As an integral part of an industrial management system in various fields, including, for example, information technology. Electric power, manufacturing, medical treatment, HMI, port terminals, intelligent industrial control systems, etc. It has an abundance of interfaces (HDMI,VGA,USB, RS232, RS422, RS485,LAN,GPIO), different operating systems (Android, Linux, Windows CE, Windows XP) and features (3G/4G,CAN,WiFi,Bluetooth,Camera,GPS, ACC, POE) and install method for various applications.

More technology products have appeared around us with the development of science and technology, which has continuously enhanced our standard of living. Lilliput all in one panel PCs are convenient and entertaining, same as many technological products.

With Lilliput, you will be provided with / custom designed a PC product which is more intuitive and convenient to use, making it easier for you to operate . There are many places with all-in-one computers today, such as hospitals with remote smart care systems, self-service order machines in businesses, environmental and energy industries, residential and smart homes, and multimedia advertising machines.

We make a complicated job easier with Lilliput’s commercial computers.OS systems (Android, Linux, WinCE, Windows), interfaces (HDMI, VGA, USB, RS232, RS422, RS485, LAN, GPIO), multifunctions (3G/4G, CAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, GPS, ACC, POE) and installation methods for different applications are available. There are many applications it can be used for.

Medical and healthcare solutions supplied by LILLIPUT usually include monitoring, transmission, control and display components. LILLIPUT embedded terminal is composed of the control and display records parts, which are used for real-time monitoring and data collection over wired or wireless communication methods. Managers can monitor & calling any ward, operating rooms and other departments. Observing, recording, and tracking the entire surgical procedure from a distance; Experts can remotely provide advice to doctors; hospitals can connect with each other via video and audio;

The LILLIPUT Smart Home is powered by advanced technology, including network communication technologies, as well as individual components, which include security, lighting, curtain control, energy management, scene linkage, floor heating, and more. Networked integrated intelligent control and management can create a people-oriented home experience.

LILLIPUT’s Smart Home Solutions include: Home Security, Home Alarm Systems, Home Lighting Control, Home Entertainment Centres, Home Information Centres, and Home Software Portals.

Home energy management system (HEMS) is one of the most effective ways to manage your home’s energy consumption. You may use it to adjust the temperature in your home, control lighting and household appliances, and get power data from your electricity meter. The appliance can show energy consumption and associated information and integrate a gateway to allow access to multiple platforms (PC, mobile). A home energy management system can reduce home energy consumption, and create a more environmentally-friendly and convenient home environment. Combined with a smart energy control center, sensing devices can help form a multi-functional smart home system.

LILLIPUT’s self-service order machine works with a handheld PDA, which can be used to fulfill a self-service menu order without requiring waiter or waitress assistance. A real-time transmission of the order takes place through a network to the central server. The system allows for fast menu updates during busy restaurant times, saving the costs of printing and menu design. POS terminals can be connected to the dining table or nearby, and the system can be installed on the table. Diners can order and pay for food, monitor the progress of their orders, play games or other entertainment, and even watch advertisements while they wait for their order.

Lilliput MDT system employs Internet-based technology for network multimedia advertising. By using the Internet, users can achieve centralized control, reservation management, as well as multimedia transmission. Display terminals can be controlled one-to-many through advertising servers, including information display mode, file transfers, etc. Additionally, the advertising server can receive feedback from the system, which allows an administrator to monitor advertising status and troubleshoot abnormalities as soon as they occur. Further, varying content can be played at several different locations to target a particular audience.

The LILLIPUT mobile data terminal comes with an integrated camera, codec, audio, video, and network interfaces. Information can be exchanged, shared, and coordinated in real-time. Wired and wireless communication can be done with the LILLIPUT MDT. Connected to a WAN via switches and routers, the video conference server consists of multiple points.

MDTs can be used to improve employee satisfaction, decision-making process, and communication. They can also reduce the number of business trips made by employees, saving both time and money. Making decisions more efficiently and managing crises more quickly;