As a global OEM & ODM services provider specializing in the application of electronic and computer-related technologies, LILLIPUT has been around for more than 30 years. Lilliput has been designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing electronic products around the world since 1993. The company’s three core values are: ‘Sincere’, ‘Share’ and ‘Success’.


From 1993, the company has produced and delivered both standardized products and customized items. There are several major product lines it offers including: Embedded Computers, Mobile Data Terminals, Camera and Broadcast Monitors, Touch VGA/HDMI Monitors for industrial applications, USB Monitors, Marine and Medical Monitors, and other LCD Displays.

Provide OEM & ODM services to turn your ideas into a real product

LILLIPUT provides customers with electronic control devices designed and custom tailored to suit their needs. Among the services offered by LILLIPUT are industrial design & structural design, PCB design & hardware design, firmware design & software development, as well as system integration.

We provide full-service manufacturing to achieve your business goals in the most cost-efficient way

LILLIPUT manufactures both standardized and custom electronic products in large quantities since 1993. Throughout the years, LILLIPUT has gained considerable expertise and experience in many manufacturing-related fields, including Mass Production Management, Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management, etc.


Technology Orientation and Innovation are the most important competitive business advantages. Hence, Lilliput invest 20%-30% of each year’s profit back into R&D. Over 50 engineers work in our R&D department, who are superior in Circuit & PCB Design, IC Programming and Firmware Design, Industrial Design, Process Design, System Integration, Software and HMI Design, and Prototype Testing & Verification, among others. Using advanced technologies, they collaborate to provide a huge number of new products to customers worldwide, as well as fulfilling a wide range of customized needs.